High quality internal system and easy access to most important RTB platforms in the industry. Buy quality traffic coming from direct inventories and internal segments.


SoloCPM is a dedicated team at your complete disposal that constantly and deeply monitor the trend of your campaigns and make them more profitable.


No flat fee requested, transparent reports, 24h assistance. No minimum budget required, all geos available, category target and visibility tools available

What we do

SoloCPM is a platform based on pure CPM model for exclusive campaigns!

Our main activities are:

  • CPM model at fixed price: we fix a price in a minute and we start soon!
  • Brokerage: you have just send us your tags and we will do everything!
  • eCPM

Monetize your activity.
We help both advertisers and publishers to monetize their activity.
Huge traffic offer
We have a large offer of traffic for desktop, mobile and video!
No limits to your target
We can target any country worldwide, no limit in daily impressions and budget.

Our goal? Make our clients happy!

What are you waiting for? Sign in and start your activity!
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What’s CPM

The best way to discover the real efficiency of your ad campaign

We are highly specialized on CPM model and our experts do their best to bring you the best results
SoloCPM gives you the opportunity to get into a great affiliation network.

Cost per mille (CPM) is a commonly used measurement in advertising. Online advertising can be purchased on the basis of showing the ad to one thousand viewers. It is used in marketing as a benchmarking metric to calculate the relative cost of an advertising campaign or an ad message in a given medium.

The “cost per thousand advertising impressions” metric (CPM) is calculated by dividing the cost of an advertising placement by the number of impressions (expressed in thousands) that it generates. CPM is useful for comparing the relative efficiency of various advertising opportunities or media and in evaluating the overall costs of advertising campaigns.

from Wikipedia

About Us

SoloCPM is an international team of marketing experts who plan advertising campaigns for every kind of needing.
Our clients are big companies as well as small businesses that are moving their first steps into the online marketing.


Solocpm is part of the international leading on-line marketing company mainADV

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